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Jungle & Tropical

Jungle & Tropical Wallcover Collection

For nature lovers who want to add a tropical feel to their homes or workspaces, Avila Wall Design has a tropical wallpaper collection loaded with a breathtaking variety that will leave you in awe for a while. Whether you want to decorate your kid’s treehouse or make your lounge have a beach vibe these picturesque wallpapers will make it worth staring at.

  • Interior Wall Design - Bird of Paradise - classic green

    Bird of Paradise

  • Interior wall design - Wallcover Botanical Biodiversity LR

    Botanical Biodiversity

  • Coral Life - navy blue interior wall design

    Coral Life

  • Interior Wall Design: Creative-Beasts

    Creative Beasts

  • Interior Wall Design - Exotic Forest - pink

    Exotic Forest

  • Interior Wall Design Halcyon Days

    Halcyon Days

  • Honeysuckles - coloured interior wall design


  • Interior Wall Design - Hugos Butterflies - realistic

    Hugos Butterflies

  • Humming Paradise interior wall design - green and red

    Humming Paradise

  • Japanese Peacock

  • Botanical Interior Wall Design: Karoo Magic

    Karoo Magic

  • Wallcover: Leafs or Arie

    Leaves of Arie

  • Livas Birds wallpaper mural interior

    Livas Birds

  • Interior wall Design - Cara Saven: Meanwhile Back Home - botanical wallpaper mural

    Meanwhile Back Home

  • Palm Forest

  • Interior Wall Design - Peacock Feathers original wallpaper

    Peacock Feathers

Tropical Jungle Wallpapers for Kids Den or Classroom

Kids just love animals and vibrant colors with leaf and flower themes that not only boost their imagination but let them experience the real natural vibe of the forest. From their favorite animal murals to strikingly bright floral patterns and designs our tropical forest wallpaper collection has it all. 

You can also pick leafy designs or tropical rainforest wallpaper to give your classroom jungle theme décor or to make your kids playing den a wood cabin outlook. All in all, Avila Wall Design loves to make your space attractive and transform it into a statement. 

Vintage Jungle and Tropical Wallpaper for Restaurants and Offices

Creativity enhances in the minds when the working environment is charming and peaceful. For workspaces for creative working or to make the employee lounges more engaging and relaxing our tropical wallpapers are an excellent pick for the interior. 

Also for eateries and restaurants looking for an urban forest look our urban jungle wall murals are remarkable to compliment the vibe.

Stunning Tropical Wall Murals for Personal Spaces

If you are a water lover and want to add a beach or lake view in your room that will make you feel at bay all the time we have amazing options for you. Blend in our tropical beach or waterfall wallpaper or tropical wall mural with your room’s décor and enjoy the soothing water feel in your room. 

You can also combine our statement tropical wallpapers in your lounges with your rustic furniture to have a camp or cabin vibe at night.

What Makes Us Stand Out From Rest? 

If you are hunting for the top-quality tropical jungle wallpaper range, Avila Wall Design is calling your name. Here you will never run out of range. And it is our promise! 

Excellent and unique designs

We can proudly say that all our designs are unique and latest so you get the best ones in the market that nobody has gotten hands-on yet. Our designs and color schemes vary from subtle to bright depending on your taste and preferences. You can also get customized colors or designs to match up your room’s décor.  

High-quality material

The quality and dyes used in the wallpapers and tropical wall murals are top-notch with no toxic element and environment damaging contents. Also, we make sure that when you remove the wallpapers your walls are as good as they were with no damage or residue left.

Customer Satisfaction 

Whether you want our tropical wallpapers for your official space or want to spruce up your homes with our wallpapers, we love to satisfy our clients with quality products. Our wallpapers are well-customized to cater to the needs of all types of customers belonging to different fields of life. 

Have the tropical forest vibe in your study or lounge with our spectacular tropical jungle wallpapers now and enjoy the mesmerizing interior.

Tropical Monkeys wallcover

What product are you searching for?

wallpaper sample - AWD LinTexdeLux

AWD LinTextdeLux

Material: Vinyl top layer with non-woven backing (FSC mix)
Appearance: Linen canvas textile look
Lane width: 70 cm
Weight: 350 gr./m2
Printing technique: UV print
Fire certificate: EN-13501: B-s2, d0
Features: Water repellent and scratch resistant

wallpaper sample - AWD Vinyl FINE


Material: Vinyl top layer with non-woven backing (FSC mix)
Appearance: fine sand structure
Lane width: 70 cm
Weight: 350 gr./m2
Printing technique: UV print
Fire certificate: EN-13501: B-s2, d0
Properties: Water-repellent and scratch-resistant

wallpaper sample - AWD ECO Tex (PVC free, FSC)

AWD ECO Tex (PVC free, FSC)

Material: Acrylic top layer and non-woven back (FSC mix)
Appearance: matt & sleek look and flat structure
Lane width: 70 cm
Weight: 250 gr./m2
Printing technique: UV print
Fire certificate: EN-13501: B-s2, d0
Features: Water repellent and scratch resistant

wallpaper sample - airtex


Material: Polyester with a PVC coating
Appearance: matt and a slightly structured top layer
Max diminsions: 2000 x 494 b x h in cm
Weight: 330 gr./m2
Printing technique: UV print
Fire certificate: B1
Features: Water repellent and scratch resistant
(100% European product and with a gray backing)

wallpaper sample - AWD TexPrem (PVC free)

AWD TexPrem (PVC free)

Material: Polyester
Appearance: matt and a slightly structured top layer
Max diminsions: 1200 x 300 b x h in cm
Weight: 360 gr./m2
Printing technique: Water-based pigment ink
Fire certificate: EN-13501: C-s1, d0
Features: Odorless, water-repellent and scratch- and impact-resistant textile wallpaper
(100% Dutch product)

Wallpaper rolls

Do you know the dimensions of the wall? We then divide the file into 70 cm strips. To make mounting even easier, we automatically add the numbering of the wallpaper at the bottom, so that you know what the correct order should be. The strips connect perfectly to each other, so they can be glued together. Paste it and DIY!

Wallpaper seamless

Seamless wallpaper (1 piece) is a good alternative to traditional panelled wallpaper, so you don’t see any seams. This wallpaper has a strong top layer, which prevents wrinkles and tears. This allows you to apply the wallpaper to walls quickly and easily. The top layer is water-repellent and offers good protection against surface damage and stains. You can easily apply seamless wallpaper to sufficiently smooth and even walls. This way the wallpaper adheres optimally.

Need help?

Are you in doubt whether you want to order wallpaper on a roll or choose seamless wallpaper? Contact us and we will gladly give you tailor-made advice!